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3D  Modelling

We offer 3D Modelling to visualise non-standard or even unique objects you intend to use in your project, or manufacture. Combining precise shapes with the right textures and colours will take the guess-work out and bring the certainty in.

Get inspired by the final result or wow your clients presenting it at the very inception of the project.

Drafting Service

We are happy to use your existing drawings, but we can also do end-to-end Architectural Drafting, including preparing the full pack of documentation for building consents.

You can speed up and streamline the process by using us as a one-stop-shop for all pre-build services.


Make the right choices about layouts, materials, and shapes.

When the construction has already started, and the house begins to take shape, mistakes become obvious and people ask builders to make changes on the go. That is when project costs start to sky-rocket.

Instead of putting up with aspects of your new home that you don’t like or spending a fortune to change them, perfect your design using Visualisation before you even start the build.